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Leads are seeds and you need leads to make sales. Attracting the ideal prospect online can be very challenging and can be an expensive trial and error process. However there are much simpler ways to acquire the lead lists that you need to make sales and proper.

MailBox Power – MailBox Power is much MORE than just a direct lead generation platform. The list builder is one of many features in this platform. The List Builder feature allows you select and purchase lists based on demographics and geographic area. You can laser focus in on Location (city, state zip, radius etc), Age, Gender, Children’s Age, Household Income, Ethnicity, Credit Score, Hobbies & Interests, Homeowners / Renters, Opportunity Seekers, and so much more. – Go HereĀ 

NOTE: The “list builder” feature is inside the dashboard of MailBox Power platform, so you may not easily see it. But if you want, I will gladly get on a video call with you and show this feature to you. – Go HereĀ 

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