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This website is essentially a curation of what’s inside my head.
(It’s not a fancy website but it works.)

Hi! My name is Brad Gudim. aka MagicBrad.

I live in Minneapolis (Fridley), Minnesota and have been self-employed most all my life. At a very young age (4 or 5), I found an interest in magic and took it on as a hobby which evolved into a full-time career as an entertainer (magician) in the 70s, 80s and 90s. (yep, I still do gigs now and then.) My activity as a magician moved me into the event industry. I’ve created multiple events, (Minnesota Event Planners + Suppliers Expo) as marketing platforms for my business and also for others as clients.

Then fast-forward to 2020 the “covid thingy” caused all events to stop dead.

I don’t quit. I innovate.

I accelerated my online activity and and invested in more “internet real estate” with methods that are more hybrid, synergistic and automated. This is where we are now.

MY 2023 MANTRA is Passive – Recurring – Scalable.

Time and Money – Time is precious and limited each day. Money is abundant and available to everyone.




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Together We Accomplish More!

Together We Accomplish More!

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Together We Accomplish More!