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Wealthy Affiliate

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

First, let me say what Wealthy Affiliate is NOT.

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT your “magic wand solution” to wealth. It is NOT “the secret” to making money online. It is NOT a training course, although there is training within the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate IS a platform with multiple tools and resources to help you earn money from the internet. You can host multiple WordPress websites in a single easy to access space. This is where I see the most value. There are keyword research tools. There is training.

Yes, there is training available on the many things there is to learn about marketing, like SEO, building and maintaining websites and there is also a community of other affiliate marketers to learn from. Wealthy Affiliate also has an affiliate program of their own, where you can earn commissions from others that are using the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. (Now, being open and honest, I want you to know that I will earn a commission if/when you decide to become a Wealthy Affiliate Member with me. When you become a Wealthy Affiliate member on my team and in my tribe, you and I will collaborate together to build a passive, recurring and scalable income from our online activities.

Together We Accomplish More!

The value of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform is in the hosting of multiple websites, the lessons and training, and the community of like-minded affiliate marketers to collaborate with.

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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: The links on this website are my personal affiliate links and I will earn commissions from the purchases made from these links. This is how I earn money on the internet as a Wealthy Affiliate. (and you can too) 

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Together We Accomplish More!

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