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I have multiple ideas that I’d like to manifest. Some of these are in the active process of creating and others are still in the conceptual stages. Would you like to help? – Private “members only” Club (in Fridley) with a magic theme. – This was active prior to covid, but is on hold. – Fringe Festival of Magic! A weeklong festival in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota and surrounding communities.

Magic Universe – I have a plan for My Magic Universe series, but it is not clear in my mind yet. (TheMagicUniverse OurMagicUniverse YourMagicUniverse and MyMagicUniverse)

Magic Coffee ProjectGo Here

Peace Police – This is an incentive program, where people get rewarded for doing random acts of kindness. I’ve done this program on a small scale at a Peace in the Cities concert that I co-created and produced with Tricia Haynes and also at Unity Church in Golden Valley a couple times. This program incentivizes kindness. It’s been tested and it works, but I need help to grow it. My vision is to have Peace Police Precincts in our communities and Peace Police Patrols driving and biking in our cities seeking out and rewarding our citizens for their kind actions and gestures. (There is more to explain. Inquire if interested.)

Peace of Art Contest – Artists create art that portrays peace and they profit from their creations.

Book Series Idea – I have a book idea for Variety Entertainers. (It will start with magicians, then will be replicated with other variety artists such as jugglers, ventriloquists, hypnotists, dancers, singers, musicians etc) I’d like to have some partners on this project.

Costa Rica Retreat Center – Yoga, Masterminds, Weddings, Tours, Team Building Events etc. Investors collaborate for a ROI on a weekly basis.

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