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MailBox Power

MailBox Power – What I, personally like MOST about MailBox Power is the 4×6 Postcards (cuz they are free)! MailBoxPower is much much more! MBP is a software that allows the user to send postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts via the United States Postal Service. Features in the program include various sizes of postcards and greeting cards, unique gift items such as coffee mugs, edibles, gift cards etc, the program includes campaigns to automate actions for time-saving, create segmented lists, and a print merge function for personalization and there is also a feature to purchase Mailing Lists that can be selected by geographic areas and demographics of your choosing. This is one of my favorite marketing tools and I call it my “Magic Marketing Tool” because it’s basic and it works. A postcard delivered by the USPS, lasts a lot longer than a click on the internet.


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