From Hobbyist to MAGICIAN – My world, in the Journey of Magic

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From Hobbyist to MAGICIAN: My world, in the Journey of Magic, with a touch of MagicBrad

The allure of magic. It’s been there since childhood, wasn’t it? Pulling rabbits from hats, making coins vanish, mind-reading… a world of wonder and impossibility that sparked our imaginations. For some, that spark fades with time. But for others, it becomes a burning ember, igniting a passion that shapes their lives. This is my story, a journey from wide-eyed hobbyist to… well, I wouldn’t call myself a full-fledged magician just yet, but let’s just say I’m well on my way.

It all started with MagicBrad. Now, MagicBrad wasn’t a real person, at least not in the traditional sense. He was a stage name, a persona I donned at 10 years old, fueled by a birthday magic kit and endless afternoons spent practicing in my basement. MagicBrad wasn’t perfect, his tricks often ending in nervous fumbles and forced smiles. But the joy he brought to others, the gasps of astonishment and eruptions of laughter, that was pure magic.

As I grew older, the hobby deepened. I devoured books, studied sleights of hand, and spent countless hours honing my craft. Magic wasn’t just about the tricks anymore; it became a pursuit of skill, a dance of deception and delight. The basement transformed into a workshop, filled with props, routines, and the echoes of countless failed attempts and eventual triumphs.

The journey wasn’t always smooth. There were moments of self-doubt, plateaus in my progress, and the occasional trick that stubbornly refused to cooperate. But with each hurdle, my passion grew stronger. The magic community, both online and in local meetups, became a source of support and inspiration. Sharing experiences, exchanging tips, and witnessing the artistry of fellow magicians fueled my own desire to grow.

And then came the performances. Small gatherings at first, birthday parties, school events, anything that gave me the chance to share the joy of magic. The nervousness never truly fades, but with each performance, the confidence grows. The smiles on faces, the gasps of surprise, the laughter that fills the room – that’s the magic, the real magic that transcends tricks and illusions.

Today, I’m still on this journey, still learning, still growing. MagicBrad has evolved, his act refined, his skills honed. But the core remains the same: the desire to bring wonder to the world, to create moments of astonishment and delight.

This blog is my way of sharing this journey with you. It’s a chronicle of my experiences, my learnings, and my attempts to unravel the mysteries of this fascinating art. It’s also a platform to connect with other magic enthusiasts, to share tips and tricks, and to celebrate the magic that lies within us all.

So, whether you’re a seasoned magician or a curious beginner, join me on this exploration of the magical world. Who knows, you might just discover the magician within yourself. And remember, as MagicBrad always says, “The only truly impossible trick is the one you never attempt.”


When I was performing full-time in the 80s and 90s, I mailed out a lot of postcards via the United States Postal Service. This is how I got my gigs.

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