Streams of Income the NaySayers Do Not Get

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I got 2 things for you…

I had a recent experience about online marketing, but it revealed a bigger truth…

There are some pretty darn cool niches out there, that people are building streams of income around.

You can truly earn money around what you love.

As an entrepreneur, there will always be family and friends that just want to sit in the negative pool of negative comments and thoughts.

For whatever reason family members feel they should absolutely share all their myopic thinking and often times, rude opinions with you.

Well, it’s been awhile since this has happened to me.

Heck I’ve been doing digital marketing for years, you’d think it wouldn’t be a topic.

But here we are, sitting at a local netwoking event and what I do as a profession becomes the topic.

Ya see, my friend had a friend in town who I’d never met.

We met up for drinks and the friend asked me, now what do you do MagicBrad?

As I share a brief description of what I do, my “friend” chimes in with THIS comment…

“Well, I would NEVER buy anything online. It’s all scammers, I just don’t get how you get around that. No one does legitimate business online.”

Fast Forward…

Did I really just hear that?

Talk about a palm to the face moment.

I could go down the road of attack and defend what I do, but I chose a different approach…

I “changed the subject” as I had a plan

How’s quilting going? I asked.

As she spoke, she shared she was heading to Quilt Camp.

Ahhh, I think to myself, even more perfect!

I asked how she found it?

“From a Facebook group of quilters that I’m a member of,” she added.

Oh…how did you find that group to join?

She then shared – “From a lady that has a Facebook page where she teaches how to use a long arm and shares different quilts and patterns each week.”

She then added that this lady shared her quilt camp in her email newsletter.

I’m thinking to myself, this is going better than I even hoped for…

So I dive in…

OHHHH so you found a lady who quilts….ONLINE.

You loved her content so much you then…

followed her social media accounts

joined her EMAIL list

joined her private Facebook group

and now you’re going to a private small 3 day event (also known as a mastermind) to be in the same room with other quilters.

PLUS, she buys quilting projects off this lady’s recommendations…regularly.

Anyone else see what I see?

So of course I then explained to her how she’s a consumer of affiliate offers, digital products, and a live event and purchasing quite a bit online and clearly this quilting lady she’s following and trusts is not a scammer.

This lady also has multiple digital products and online courses!

This quilting lady monetized what she loves!

There was silence from my friend.

She was shocked.

She never realized.

I went sip my water as that soaked in for her.

A spark was ignited and she started asking more questions about other Facebook groups she’s in and started pulling up people she follows on Instagram.

I showed her how all of them had a link in bio, that she’s clicking…and BUYING from.

Those marketers, do an excellent job of creating valuable content that their ideal audience loves, so it never felt SALESY.

Instead, they served their audience by building trust, engaging content, and community.

Whether your passion is quilting, fitness, investing or even raising chickens…

You can absolutely monetize it.

That’s what I love about what I do. (

I get the opportunity to share with people the tools and skills that hopefully ignite a spark to think BIGGER for themselves and grow something that could truly bring more joy.

Anything is possible when you harness the power of digital marketing skills.

When we start looking at what we consume each day, we realize just how much digital marketing is woven into everything we do.

And now…you’re learning exactly how to do that too.

It’s frickin awesome! —

Heck this quilting lady took her passion, creates content, has an email opt-in, a private Facebook group, and is running live events.

She’s using all of the core four business models within her quilting niche.

And I’m goin’ to bet, she LOVES showing up to her activities everyday.

Which leads me to this one question…are you in a unique niche you love? Are you building an online community that is connected to your passion and now you’re monetizing it?


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