Three Good Reasons to use Physical Postcards

There are many more reasons to use direct male postcards for promoting and marketing, your products and services, but here are three that I think are primary

1) – A physical postcard delivered by the United States. Postal Service will last considerably longer than a click on the Internet.

2) – A physical postcard, delivered by the United States Postal Service is delivered by a human being, and received by a human being.

3) – A physical postcard, delivered by the United States Postal Service, with the software that I am using allows me to send unlimited 4 x 6 postcards and I only have to pay for postage.

What is the software that I am using?

it’s called MailBoxPower, and I call it my magic marketing tool, because it is working like magic to sell my products and services.

SEE: MailBox Power


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