7 Direct Mail Marketing Methods that Still Work Well

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Direct Mail Marketing Works

Most marketers these days are 100% online, and they are ignoring the reliability of the United States Postal Service to deliver their message directly to the mailbox of prospective new customers.

I use a software called MailBoxPower, and it allows me to send postcards, greeting cards, and personalized gift through the United States Postal Service. The USPS delivers 99% of the time.

Here are seven (7) methods that I use to get results from my direct mail postcard mailings.

  1. Stimulate anticipation and curiosity – You can let your prospects know that there are future postcards coming, by adding 1of7, 2of7, 3of7, etc. on the postcard. This implies there will be another card following the current card, and the prospects will look forward to your next communication.
  2. Include some Fun and Mystery – You can add little word games, and puzzles on your postcard mailing, which gets the prospective customer to engage and participate in the communication.
  3. Automated Campaigns – The software I use is called MailBoxPower, and it has a feature where you can pre-program delivery of your postcards, greeting cards and gifts.
  4. Forms that Auto-Magically Trigger Campaigns – Technology allows us to save time by creating automated activities triggered by actions. MailBoxPower allows you to send a form to your prospect via email or social media, where they fill out the data, and this will automatically will trigger the sending of a postcard. This can also be included in a campaign, so that it will automatically send them postcards, greeting cards, or personalize gifts depending on the way you program it.
  5. QR Codes Send Prospects Directly to Your Offers – The QR code is a graphic image that when scanned by a Mobile Phone Camera and will take a person directly to a website or landing page. The QR code has been around for a while, but it gained popularity with the covid pandemic. Restaurants used QR Codes that allowed customers to get access to their digital online menu. You can create a QR code in Canva, and then print the graphic on a postcard. Your prospective customer can access the landing page or website by scanning the QR code from the postcard. NOTE: A printed direct mail postcard last considerably longer than a click on the Internet.
  6. The Print Merge Feature allows for PersonalizationMailBoxPower has a print merge for that you can add so that each individual mailing piece is custom tailored specifically to each individual recipient. This means you can send out 1000 postcards, that have content that is different and specific to each individual recipient.
  7. Buy a List of Leads – Within the MailBoxPower platform. There is a feature where you can buy a mailing list. This will save a lot of time prospecting for leads. You can just purchase a list that you select by geographic and demographics. You can select lists of individuals, or businesses. I have a magician friend in Florida, that uses this software. He purchased a list of Senior Living Centers, in a 50 mile radius of where he lives. He mails out postcards and is booking shows like crazy. I am producing a business tradeshow here in Minneapolis (Fridley), and I am going to buy a list of businesses in a 20 mile radius of the event, center and mail out postcards inviting them to the tradeshow.

The MailBoxPower software is one of my favorites. I like using software for my business, because I can program it to do things, while I am enjoying my life and time freedom.

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