What is the Best Website Builder for a Small Business

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If you are getting started building a business, or if you already only one you might be  wondering, what is the best website builder for a small business and is it going to be easy and affordable.

In my opinion, the best platform to build a website is WordPress. Now, why do I say this? Because, WordPress is designed for building websites. It’s not trying to be an all in one platform.

Is it easy?

Just like most things, once you get the hang of it and your website is built, it is actually fairly easy to update and do blog posts.

Here’s the next question.

Where is the best place to host a WordPress website?

There are many places, such as BlueHost, or you could build your website, or multiple websites on the Wealthy Affiliate program that is hosted by the Amazon servers.

My suggestion, is to host it on website, Wealthy Affiliate, and you can have multiple websites and there is help inside for learning marketing and how to build a website.

SEE: Wealthy Affiliate

And, as usual, you can feel free to contact me if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions!


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